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Sun Sign, Moon Sign, And Rising Sign: What Do They Mean?

What’s The Difference Between A Sun Sign, A Moon Sign, And A Rising Sign?

A Sun sign is an astrological sign in which the Sun is at the moment of birth. The Moon sign takes into account the position of the moon at that very moment. A Rising sign, on the other hand, is an astrological sign rising on the eastern horizon at the time of one’s birth.

Considered the “big three” in astrology, these signs represent different characteristics and aspects of a person.

All three signs can be seen in a person’s birth chart or natal chart.

Sun Sign 

A Sun sign, or a Zodiac sign, is the Star sign under which you were born. If you were born on the 7th of June, for instance, your Sun sign would be Gemini

A Sun sign represents the core of who you are. It tells you about your ego, habits and characteristics, your willpower, and the influence you have on your environment. In other words, your Sun Sign is linked to your external self.

However, a Sun sign is not enough to describe someone’s whole personality. A Zodiac sign only tells the position of the Sun at the time a person was born. A deeper look at a person’s astrological chart is needed to make conclusions about their true character. 


Moon Sign

The Moon sign, on the other hand, reflects your inner self. The Moon sign is about your passive self, emotions, and experiences. It tells you how you communicate with others, what kind of relationships you are likely to form and how you understand other people on an emotional level. 


Your Moon Sign Expresses The Following:


* Your deepest needs

* Innermost desires and wishes

* Deepest preferences and feelings of disgust

* Mood swings

* Jealousy and joy

* Imagination

* Fears and obsessions

* How you relate to other people when you first meet them

* How other people understand you

* Behavior in your private life

* How you get on emotionally with the people you love

* Your daily habits and routines

* Your home environment and lifestyle

* Family relationships

* Your need for security

* Your relationship with your mother

* Instinctive reactions

* Creativity

* Emotional satisfaction

* Regular ups and downs

* Subconscious memories

* A nurturing instinct

* Early childhood

* Unconscious conditioning

* Family influence

* Behavioral patterns learned in childhood that continue to influence adult life


What Is My Moon Sign?

If you know your Moon Sign, you may better understand your mood swings and reactions, your needs, and sensitivities. 

If you don’t yet know what your Moon Sign is and want to find out, log in to Astrodienst and create your personal astrological chart. In addition to your Moon Sign, you will also get information about other factors affecting your personality, such as your Rising sign.


Rising Sign

The Rising Sign, also known as the Ascendant, is often considered the most important factor in a person’s astrological chart. A Rising sign is a star that rises from the eastern sky when a person is born.

Our Rising sign influences our outward appearance and behavior in social situations. It describes how other people see us and how we would like to be seen. 

It also protects us from the outside world; our Ascendant sign is like a mask we wear when we meet someone for the first time. This “mask” or shield protects the true person hiding inside.

Often, we tend to act more like our Ascendant sign than our Zodiac sign. Therefore, the Rising Sign can help us understand how we are perceived by others. 


To calculate your Sun sign, Moon sign, and Ascendant, the date, the exact place, and the precise time of birth are needed.  


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