Scorpio Zodiac Sign: Dates, Personality Traits & Compatibility

Scorpio Zodiac Sign: Dates, Personality Traits & Compatibility

Scorpio Dates: 24.10- 22.11

Scorpio Symbol: Scorpion ♏

Scorpio Zodiac is deeply intellectual, intense, and often vindictive. Their natural charm leaves behind many a broken heart.


Scorpio Personality Traits 

Scorpio, a Water sign and the 8th sign of the Zodiac is mysterious and reflective. 

Born in the darkening moods of Autumn, the Scorpio is the most mysterious, profound, and occasionally gloomy sign of the Zodiac.

One of the sign’s greatest strengths is their ability to engage and reflect from every possible angle. Scorpio likes to dive straight into the depths, digging to the bottom of things and solving mysteries with a deep passion. 

Leaving things halfway or giving up is not an option for Scorpio.

Self-criticism, skepticism, and stinginess are Scorpio’s weaknesses. Scorpios are certainly not afraid to be abusive in word and deed if they feel uncomfortable.


Scorpio Ruling Planet

Pluto, the ruling planet of Scorpio, represents reincarnation. Whenever something new begins, something old must also die out.

Obliged by their planet, Scorpios have a subconscious need for constant renewal and change in their lives. A superficial life does not fit into Scorpio’s world. For this reason, a Scorpio who is stagnant for a little while is suspicious of everyone and everything. 

Something more or less dramatic must be happening in Scorpio’s life all the time to make them feel alive.

Scorpio Career

Scorpio is a sign of power and control. They might crave security, but they thrive in competition. Scorpios are fascinated by pursuing an unattainable goal that promises power and allows them to be the best in their field.

Scorpio is not the type to cut corners. They will persevere, explore and figure things out without getting discouraged. That’s why Scorpios are often suited to professions in medicine, criminal investigation, or investigative journalism. Other jobs that require solid expertise are also suitable for Scorpio.


Scorpio & Love

A relationship with a Scorpio is not for the faint-hearted: only a self-aware and mentally mature person can rise to the Scorpio challenge.

Scorpio is a very absolute type in their choices and actions. When they commit themselves to something or someone, they are guaranteed to give their all. 

The biggest challenge for this Zodiac is that they often don’t let people get close. Because of their constant criticism, they often think of other people cynically. At their worst, Scorpios can also be arrogant and thoughtlessly bossy.

The sign is also known for their intense and fiery sexuality.


Scorpio & Sex

Scorpio is considered the most sexual sign in the Zodiac. They indulge in animalistic fantasies from time to time, although you would never guess this based on their restrained nature.

Scorpio’s sexuality is devotional and sinful. They’re often attracted to SM, domination, porn, and threesomes. Most of all, the Scorpio is eager to experiment with sex with a trustworthy partner.

Scorpios are persistent lovers. They can make love for hours – literally hours. Sex is the channel through which Scorpio reveals their feelings; both love, tenderness, and aggression.


Scorpio Compatibility

Charming, obsessive, and jealous, Scorpio needs a challenging but persistent partner. They are passionate and never really feel like they are getting as much love as they would like.

The erotically charged Scorpio seeks everyday pleasures in the most ordinary places.


Most Compatible Signs With Scorpio

Scorpios are mysterious, and their hard-edged emotions often attract other Water signs. Pisces and Cancer can be very flexible and accept Scorpio’s strong personality and need to be the boss. 


Best chances for happiness: Taurus, Pisces, Cancer, Capricorn


Least Compatible Signs With Scorpio

The free-spirited and witty Air signs don’t understand the power of Scorpio’s passion and are distressed by their possessiveness.


Don’t even go there: Gemini, Aries, Sagittarius


Scorpio Zodiac Sign 


  • Scorpio Zodiac Dates: 24.10-22.11
  • Scorpio Zodiac Symbol: Scorpion ♏
  • Top 5 Scorpio Strengths: Depth, intensity, reflectiveness, perseverance, straightforwardness
  • Top 5 Scorpio Weaknesses: Vengefulness, secrecy, prickliness, excessive suspicion, cynicism
  • Ruling Planet: Mars, Pluto
  • Element: Water
  • Character: Solid
  • Quality: Feminine, negative
  • Lucky Day: Saturday
  • Lucky Number: 7
  • Lucky Colour: Black, red
  • Lucky Stone: Opal, Turquoise
  • Metal: Iron, steel
  • Flower: Violet, Tulip, Red Rose
  • Animal: Insects, Crustaceans
  • Best Career Paths: Medicine, journalism, criminal investigation, psychology, research
  • Famous Scorpio People: Katy Perry, Drake, Emma Stone, Pablo Picasso, Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Gates, Rachel McAdams


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