16 Super Powerful Ways To Strengthen & Develop Your Intuition
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16 Super Powerful Ways To Strengthen & Develop Your Intuition

Intuition is an innate skill that can help us make better decisions in life, solve problems or even understand other people better. It’s often described as “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.” It’s about trusting your gut feeling and following your inner voice.

We all have intuitive capabilities, whether we use them or not. Luckily, there are ways to strengthen and develop your intuition with practice.


how to develop your intuition
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How To Tap Into Your Intuition

While there are many ways to develop and tap into your intuition, here are a few tips to awaken this incredible power within you:


1. Take A Digital Detox

Take a break from using any electronic device or social media. Technology may be here to help, but it’s also disconnecting us from our inner voices, not to mention the effect it has on our mental health. A technology fast every now and then has only positive consequences.


2. Pay Attention To Your Bodily Feelings

Intuition speaks to us through our bodies. For instance, if you experience an uncomfortable feeling while making a decision, it could be an indication from your intuitive self that you’re headed in the wrong direction. Pay attention to these bodily feelings; you will soon notice how your intuition speaks to you. 


3. Meditate 

Meditation helps you connect with yourself and find the power within. You can try any meditation technique to awaken your intuitive voice. Some powerful techniques include Transcendental Meditation, guided meditation practices, and mindfulness. 

To really awaken your intuitive potential, ask your inner self a question before meditating. Your subconscious mind will start working on giving an answer to your question immediately. 


4. Look For Patterns

Try to detect possible patterns when your inner voice has spoken to you. This may help you avoid repeating harmful patterns and guide you to a more abundant and happier life.


5. Practice Breathing

Working on your breathing lets you connect with your inner self and makes room for intuition to become stronger. Try deep breathing to relieve stress and become more intuitive and in tune with yourself. 


6. Train Your Intuition

Take an online course to develop your intuition. For instance, try the  Intuition And Psychic-Develop Intuition + Psychic Abilities course on Udemy.


7. Connect With Nature And Animals 

Take a hike in the countryside, or visit the nearest forest or beach. Disconnecting from your busy life and finding peace in nature will strengthen your intuitive powers and make you more receptive to clues and messages.


8. Pay Attention To The World Around You 

Sometimes our intuition gives us clues through the most peculiar channels. Pay attention to the signs around you and see if they resonate.


9. Change Your Perspective

Think outside the box. Do things a little differently. Breaking a habit can help you find new perspectives and boost your intuitive self. 


10. Get Creative

Try different creative activities, like drawing, painting, or journaling. Creative action quiets the rational mind and allows your intuition to come forth.


11. Read Books About Intuition

There are several books on how to develop your intuition. Start with Developing Intuition by Shakti Gawain or Radical Intuition by Kim Chestney. 


12. Do Chores 

Wash dishes, do the vacuuming and clean your closet. Do chores that don’t require cognitive thinking. When you do repetitive tasks that don’t involve rational thinking, like ironing, you will open up space for your intuitive powers to work their magic. 


13. Pay Attention To Your Dreams

Our subconscious mind goes to work when our conscious self rests. Many of the most significant creative masterpieces and scientific breakthroughs have been discovered during sleep. Take note of your dreams, and if possible, write them down right after waking up. You might see something remarkable appear once you start thinking about your dreams. 


14. Practice Self-care

Eat healthily, get enough sleep, exercise regularly, take time to rest and relax, and take a break when needed. Be kind and compassionate to yourself, others, and the environment. When you’re feeling balanced, your intuitive self will become louder for you to hear.


15. Put Your Gut Feeling To The Test

If you’re still hesitating about whether you should listen to your intuition, put it to the test. Act on a gut feeling and see if your intuition is telling you the truth. This can be a prompt you’ve received from your intuition to visit a specific place that has no meaning or connection to you. Or it could be a strong feeling to call a friend from the past that you haven’t thought about in a long time. 

Whatever it is, put your gut feeling to the test. You might be surprised at what your intuition is telling you. 


16. Release All Resistance And Stay Open

Even if the messages you receive don’t make sense, try not to involve reason or rational thinking. Make a note of all the signs you’re receiving and see if there’s something there. Stay open to your intuition. It may change your life for the better. 


While intuition is not something you can develop overnight, it’s very much possible to learn how to hone your intuition and strengthen it.


Unleash this powerful trait inside you and see the impact your intuition has on your life and wellbeing.


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